How to add AdMob in React Native

Integration of AdMob in your React Native project is quite easy.

You can first install AdMob by using npm 


npm i react-native-admob

react-native link


inside your js file, import admob

import {AdMobBanner} from 'react-native-admob'



return (

<View style={styles.adView}>



adUnitID="ca-app-pub-7479592788394026/5011181590" //your admob id


//onAdFailedToLoad={error => console.error(error)}


</View >



Where style is 

const styles = StyleSheet.create({



height: 50,

width: screenWidth, // get screen width by dimension

backgroundColor: 'white',


justifyContent: "center",

alignItems: "center",




You can download the complete working project from here.


For any kind of support related to React Native you can contact us at: or


Triffort Technologies Pvt Ltd



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For the past few years I have had difficulty working out in yard and carried a lawn chair with me. Then a couple of months ago it got harder and harder to breathe. After many tests it was a CT scan that showed COPD, emphysema and scarring in my lungs. I quit smoking 12 years and 6 months ago. But they told me the damage has been done. I got to the point I couldn't catch my breath and was coughing so hard I thought the top of my head would blow off. The day after I had the scan I was on oxygen the next night and am on it 24/7. I can take it off to shower and take a few minutes break now and then. Even though I was tethered to the machine or tank I carry when I'm out, I am very thankful for total cure herbal foundation who I we bought the COPD Emphysema from, the COPD herbal treatment cured me totally and reversed all symptoms, our family DR provided us their website where to order the herbal products from because the COPD Herbal formula is 100% Natural organic herbs and MCC approved that was why we had to trusted and give a try on it,I have an understanding family and even though it is entirely my fault they want me to live as long as I can. Visit their website and order or chat with the online Doctors Good luck to each and every one of that's trying this herbal formula.

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