How mobile app can increase your restaurant business sales


In restaurant industry adding new customers and attending existing customers more is the biggest challenge. Someone may come to your door taste your food and found it yummy....

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How to add AdMob in React Native

Integration of AdMob in your React Native project is quite easy.

You can first install AdMob by using npm 


npm i react-native-admob

react-native link


inside your js file, import admob

import {AdMobBanner} from...

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How to create your own CocoaPods framework

Hello Everyone,


I hope you are well aware with CocoaPods and how to use this inside your XCode projects. If you are not well aware, follow my previous 

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AWS S3 integration with ionic

I am creating one Wallpaper app and I have chosen AWS S3 bucket to store my wallpaper images. I have created some folders on S3 root for...

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Integrating Google Maps in Android App

Integrating Google Maps in Android App using Android Studio


In this blog post I will explain how you can integrate Google Maps in your Android project. Follow the below steps:


1. Add...

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