Getting answers has never been so easy

Understand your child’s development.

Keep track of your child’s measurements and understand current and future growth. Follow growth curves with our intuitive tracker and predict weight, length and head circumference.

Know your child's motor development and predict future milestones.

Key Features:

  • Dashboard that shows daily growth
  • Track and predict growth
  • Track and predict milestones
  • Keep measurements safe forever
  • Calculate age in various formats e.g. days, weeks, months etc

At Oogababy we have one mission: to add more delight and surprise to parenthood by the use of technology and design. We do what we do so that you can enjoy parenthood even more.


  1. Quality -We believe that well crafted tools improve life.
  2.  Privacy - We believe in social by choice, not by default.
  3. Simplicity - We believe in removing complexities and focus on what matters.

What's New in Version 1.0.1​


​We're excited to bring you a new release! A few minor bugs have been fixed and we made some nice improvements to how the app works if you for some reason happen to find yourself without internet connection.

Bug fixes:

  •  Unit type (metric/imperial) should now be set correct based on your region settings and you should be able to switch unit type seamlessly.
  • You should no longer experience getting duplicate babies when adding a baby.
  • A crash after login experienced by a few users is fixed.
  • The introduction text on the Welcome Screen is now visible also on iPhone 4 devices.


  • You can now access previous loaded data in the app without having internet connection. However you cannot add new measurements or milestones or make updates without being connected.



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